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Amazingly Sweet aftertaste with
unforgettable fragrance that
lingers a long time in the mouth.
I'm absolutely obsessed!
Manny Fergeson, Owner of The Tea House, USA


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Alpine Oolong

Light / Mild / Strong
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Mild / Mellow
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Mountain Green

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Tea Blends

Whole pieces of florers & fruits
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Natural Crafted Leaves

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Grown in alpine farms above 3800ft sea level and produced by artisan tea master that won numerous tea awards for 35 years, we guarantee that you are unlikely to find the same quality tea at your local retailer or wholesaler.

We do long term contract farming with tea farms endowed with abundant natural climate and growing conditions to ensure consistent natural farming management. 

By hand-plucking young & tender tea buds during Spring and Winter season, this leaves the tea leaf to a maximum exposure to natural climate and allows longer period of nutrition absorption.

Of course we insist so! How do you like the one the world’s finest teas without first tasting them?! We are happy to send you sample tester with pre-paid shipping cost only.

Simply submit the Wholesale Inquiry Form or directly talk to our tea specialist via WhatsApp +886-921-834-053 and you will receive our reply within 24 working hours.