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Amazingly Sweet aftertaste with
unforgettable fragrance that
lingers a long time in the mouth.
I'm absolutely obsessed!
Manny, Owner of The Tea House, USA


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A1. Oolong Tea
A2. Black Tea
A3. Green Tea
A4. Herbal Tea
A5. Fruity Tea
A6. Chai Tea
A7. Rooibos Tea
A8. Flavored Tea

ace tea-wholesale tea-flavor tea


D2. Rose
D3. Lime
D4. Kiwi fruit
D5. Peach
D6. Apple
D7. Grape
D8. Mango
D9. Cherry
D10. Toffee
D11. Guava
D12. Lychee
D13. Vanilla
D14. Orange
D15. Pineapple
D16. Lavender
D17. Osmanthus
D18. Mulberry
D19. Blueberry
D20. Raspberry
D21. Cranberry
D22. Strawberry
D23. Cinnamon
D24. Pomegranate
D25. Cherry Blossom
D26. Passion Fruits
D27. Mixed Tropical Fruits

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B1. Rose buds
B2. Rose hips
B3. Ginger
B4. Clove
B5. Fennel
B6. Hibiscus
B7. Lavender
B8. Calendula
B9. Oregano
B10. Dandelion
B11. Cinnamon
B12. Cardamom
B13. Chamomile
B14. Lemongrass
B15. Lemon Balm
B16. Osmanthus
B17. Rosemary
B18. Lemon Balm
B19. Peppermint
B20. Lotus leaf
B21. Goji berries
B22. Cassia Seeds
B23. Orange blossom
B24. Lemon Verbena
B25. Chrysanthemum

ace tea-wholesale-fruit tea


C1. Apple
C2. Orange
C3. Pineapple
C4. Strawberry
C5. Lemon
C6. Grapefruit
C7. Blueberry mixed fruits
C8. Cherry mixed fruits

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milk oolong jinxuan


O1. Four Seasons
O2. Jade Jinxuan
O3. Jade Oolong
O4. Alishan Jinxuan
O5. Lishan Airy
O6. Alishan Oolong
O7. Shanlinxi Oolong
O8. Dong Ding
O9. Red Oolong
O10. Old Oolong
O11. Oriental Beauty
O12. Tie Guan Yin

black tea blend rose ceylon


B1. Cassia Black
B2. Floral Scent Black
B3. Honey Scent Black
B4. Red Jade T18 Black
B5. Assam Black
B6. Ceylon Black
B7. Earl Grey Black
B8. Kenya Black
B9. English Breakfast
G1. Signature Green
G2. Jasmine Green
G3. Jade Green
G4. Four Seasons Green
G5. Da Yu Ridge Green

Jasmine Green


M1. Blueberry cake (non-caf)
M2. Cherry Blossom (non-caf)
M3. Ripen Lychee Black
M4. Jasmine Green
M5. Milky Jinxuan
M6. Toffee Black
M7. Midsummer Storm (Peach oolong)
M8. Snow White's Bite (Apple green)
M9. Summer Gone Wild (Black blends)
M10. Sweet Deluxe (Black blends)
M11. First Love (Black blends)

ace tea-wholesale tea-flavor tea

Non-caf Blends

N1. Rooibos Tea
N2. BeVision
N3. Rejuvenate
N4. MetaBoost
N5. Sweet Dream
N6. Good Nighty
N7. Rose Beauty
N8. Detox Day
N9. All Nighter
N10. Spring Glow
N11. Peaceful Mind
N12. Morning Breeze
N13. Calm States
N14. Full Belly

Natural Crafted Leaves

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