Monthly Tea Subscription Box

Discover Rare Mountain Teas at Your Doorstep

Curated with some of world's best tea

Life is an accumulation of pleasure experiences. 
Our monthly tea club featuring authentic single-origin loose leaf tea to bagged tea blends.

From invigorating black teas to healing herbals, 
they are destined to deliver a flawless sip to brighten up your day!

Directly sent from Taiwan mountain tea farms and produced by prize-winning tea master.Free-shipping worldwide.  

Natural Farming

Well-preserved mountain soil that
nourishes the best tea in return.

ace tea taiwan tea subscription box delicate taste

Premium Artisan Teas

Specialized teas sent directly from mountain tea farms in Taiwan.

Free Global Shipping

New teas at doorstep. Simple to start and cancel anytime.

EACH tea box includes....

ace tea subscription box

New tea every month at just $0.99 per cup of tea...

All our tea collections are top grade quality tender leaves from current season and hand-plucked with love for nature. Our monthly teas guarantee a fresh taste with easy storage in a high quality reusable foil sealing pouch accompanied by steeping guidelines and tasting notes. From exotic flower gardens to mountain tea farms at 9000ft above sea level, you're surely discovering your new favorite.

Who doesn't like a pleasant surprise?

Count it on us!
In your 6+ box will include random gifts from our ❤
like delicate tea tin, sniff cup or signature brewing set.
We guarantee you'll discover the most subtle notes
you never notice before.

choose the type of Tea box you like...


Start by selecting one of the tea subscription box or talk to our Tea Specialist >

Sampler Tea
bill monthly. cancel anytime.
Great For: What's more exciting to explore new premium teas from the other side of the world? Oh and did I say they are new every month!?
What's Inside: You'll randomly receive 2 different cups of tea lover's loose leaf or bagged tea (4-6g) that fills a pleasant time.
Free tea brewing guide: Who doesn't need that quick escape from daily routine!
Free Global Shipping
I'll Get This One
Fortune Tea
bill monthly. cancel anytime.
Great For: You've heard all the good things about mountain teas, but not sure it's your cup of tea. Ain't it a perfect time to discover yourself?
What's Inside: You'll receive a random pack of tea lover's loose leaf or bagged teas (50g) that fills 15-20 cups for an exciting new tea journey
You've Got a Bonus: In your boxes of every 6-month cycle, we'll send you helpful tea gifts you're sure to love.
Free tea brewing guide: Just laid-back and enjoy a beau-tea-ful month!
Free Global Shipping
I'll Get This One
bill monthly. cancel anytime.
Great For: You know what you want and you want them now! Treat yourself with fresh sips everyday. Wait, don't forget it's new list every month!
What's Inside: Choose your own 30 cups (90+ when re-steep) from the most sought after tea connoisseur's teas for just $0.5 per cup of tea.
You've Got a Bonus: Dig deeper in your boxes of every 6-month cycle, we'll send you helpful tea gifts you're sure to love.
Free tea brewing guide: Essential map you'll need and thank me later.
Free Global Shipping
I'll Get This One

Artisan Tea Made Simple

all kinds of tEA from loose leaf to bagged

Take a peek inside our tea wonderland.

Mountain Oolong

Lingering sweetness


Signature Black

Harmonious balance


Alpine Green

Pleasing roundness


Tea Blends


tea CONNOISSEURS reviews

ace tea taiwan quotation mark
So far I received dongding & honey black and they really have surprising sweet taste.
Francis, Canada
ace tea taiwan quotation mark
I really enjoy this experience! It's a great way to explore new flavors that I wouldn't have ordered otherwise!
Pamela T., France
ace tea taiwan quotation mark
I’m so happy I found this club! I always wanted to try top grade oolong tea and the taste of Ridge one is excellent. I highly recommend for tea lovers!
Perry W., Singapore
ace tea taiwan quotation mark
I received this box as a gift from my wife. The teas were great! It provided a variety of teas with amazing tastes.
Ron, USA
ace tea taiwan quotation mark
I tried many alishan oolongs and is by far my favorite! It’s smooth & fragrant. Brewed for 5 times and they all have very different tastes. I can’t wait for my next box to come.
Natalii, Switzerland
ace tea taiwan quotation mark
Thanks to the brewing guide. It truly helped my first time trying oolong.
Mancy, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about subscription box

LITERALLY. You can create your unique tea box every month by choosing up to 6 different teas (5 cups each flavor) and renew your preference list whenever you like. You can also split your tea box in two shipments in a month. Just like dropping by the tea shop at the next block from where you at. 

We’ll email you a list of all our stocking varieties. Be sure to reply and let us know your selection of the month and shipping frequency. You can also simply emailing us at Our tea specialist will curate the exclusive tea box in loose leaf or bagged tea for you to fill an enjoyable month.

YES! What’s more exciting than discovering all different fresh teas from Formosa mountain tea farms or exotic flower gardens at your own home?! In your Sampler Tea and Fortune Tea box, each month we will randomly send different teas to you. How about All-You-Can-Drink plan? Well, you are the curator and you tell us! 

After you try all the teas, we also encourage you to share with us your favorite ones, so we can deliver these freshly to you to make your months just perfect.

Tea subscription boxes are dispatched twice a month. They are all sent out on the 1st and 15th of each month (or the next business day). We will send you an email with the tracking for each box. Subsequent boxes will be shipped on the same date every month. So if you subscribe on Jan 10th, your first box will be shipped on Jan 15th. Second box will be shipped on Feb. 15th, and so on.

No! All the subscription plans are free of shipping charge worldwide, unless you live in Utopia that is out of reach of international postal service. 

We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express credit cards, as well as VISA debit cards. All processed through secured and encrypted PayPal system.

All the subscription plan will be in US dollars.

Absolutely, at anywhere anytime! You can skip, pause or cancel the subscription by emailing us at and auto-renewal plan will be updated right in the next business days. No questions will be asked and no hidden fees at all. If you’ve already been billed for this month’s box, your suspension/cancellation will take effect in the next billing cycle.

Giving is contagious! We will be honored to take part in sharing your love for teas to the precious ones in your life or new explorer to the fascinating tea journey of no turning back. You can let us know this tea box is a gift by emailing us at with the special messages you’d like to say to them. We will curate the tea boxes for you. It can be an one-time gift box only or continuous gifting.

There’s nothing more exciting than sharing our passion for tea to tea lovers like you. When you subscribe to Fortune Tea and All-You-Can-Drink plan, in every 6-month-cycle box (meaning 6th, 12th, 18th, 24th boxes and so on), you will be delighted with a special gift like signature tea tins, exclusive seasonal teas, or delicate teaware to help you discover the most subtle aroma you never notice before.

In your subscription box will include instructions on how to steep the tea in your box with specific teaware to help you steep it just right. Of course you know the best how you like your tastes!

We really wish we can lie and say no, but please be warned that you might no longer tolerate astringent teas after trying one of the world’s most prestigious teas.

Buy it or Gift it?