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About tea…being one of the pioneers in making artisan teas, we put in heartily devotion to make drinking tea experience a simple enjoyable moments out of busy lives.

Our Promises

100% Single Origin

Our natural single-origin teas have wonderfully complex flavor profile. Why blend and waste it away?

Since 1984

35 years expertise in making artisan teas. Some say it too stressful, but we call it mission to deliver the best tastes.

Prize Winning Master

Winning numerous prizes in major Competitions of Formosa Premium Mountain Teas, we never stop explore better ways to enjoy drinking teas.

Support to Tea Farmers

With long term contracting farming, the farmers are part of our big family that shares the same love to Mother Nature.

Fresh & Delicious

By insisting pluck the leaves in only Spring & Winter, it allows a sustainable growth and most complex tasting layers.

Tender Young Leaves

Hand-plucking one-tip-three-bud young tender leaves, our teas produce the smoothest taste without astringency or dry texture in the throat.

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We put in all our heart to deliver the natural characteristics of single-origin Taiwanese mountain teas to every sip in tea lover’s cups. 

It’s easy to go with flow for cheaper mass production, but we chose the hard path by persisting in growing naturally with the Nature. 

We solely harvest in spring and winter with hand picking approach. It allows the leaves to grow to the fullest natural cycle. 

All our teas are certified with international strict agricultural standard of non-chemical residues.

It’s easy to tell how we take prides in the authentic delicate taste of our teas. 

Our Story

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World Map

We travel the world through our teas! We have spread our love of Formosa Teas to almost 20 countries and met
wonderful tea connoisseurs worldwide. It’s a never ending journey that awaits to be discovered for yourself!

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