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Rare Mountain Teas at Your Doorstep


Life is an accumulation of pleasure experiences. 
Our monthly tea club 
featuring hand-picked Premium Loose Leaf. 
Every month you will receive a tea subscription box of authentic single-origin artisan teas. 

Taiwan produces some of the finest teas in the world. It has invigorating taste that will brighten up your day!
Directly sent from Taiwan mountain tea farms and produced by prize-winning tea master.

Satiate your thirst with a natural taste bud delight from alpine above 1200m to 2800m sea level.
Free-shipping worldwide.  

Natural Farming

Well-preserved soil that nourishes
the best tea in return

Tea Specialist

Get your personalized tea list & recommendation instantly.

Free Shipping

Simply pick your teas at doorstep
anywhere around the globe.

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best tea subscription box
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I really enjoy this experience! Love the idea that I can choose my own teas every month. It's a great way to explore new flavors that I wouldn't have ordered otherwise!
Pamela T., France

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